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Is your business ready for tomorrow?

Technological boom has enabled, but year 2020 catalyzed and forced the dramatic changes which are shaping our present. Altering human interactions … reshaping values, trust and priorities. The pace and magnitude of change is and will be unprecedented. Re-defining the “new business as usual” cannot be solved with practices of the past.

Technology without imagination is useless. We stay foolish, we stay humble, connecting endless creativity and technological expertise with traditional business insights; powered by common sense. We help clients to preserve their core, or step into new businesses. We enjoy bringing innovative ideas to life.

digital employee – priority “leaper” 2020

A growing need for speeding up internal digitization is shifting even more focus on the employee. It is a key to sustain the company’s performance. Most of the companies have been able to respond to the new situation by sorting out some of the technical aspects of the new normal and connecting employees remotely. However, the real challenges are more about how to approach long-term motivation and engagement of remote workers, to preserve the company’s existing performance and future financial health.