engagement platform

innogy / Aspiro

iWatt is longterm engagement & activation platform built on the idea of sharing positive energy and longtail sponsorship. Our team developed the creative concept and successfully rolled out iWatt in record time. iWatt is now used by more than 50k users in Slovakia

  • Mobile application tracking user activity and transforming it to positive energy currency – iWatt
  • World’s first personal energy wallet
  • Started 4Q/2019 in Slovakia, ready for multipartner expansion
  • 50% of users with daily interaction
  • Connecting utility with bank, telco, retailers …
  • Venture setup with major utility player 
Services provided:

virtual airliner


We’ve teamed up with kiwi.com, one of the fastest growing unicorns in air & travel ticket industry and came up with creative ways to complement growing base of new customers with additional revenues from repetitive purchase by returning customers.

  • Design of disruptive ways for customer retention with repetitive purchase
  • New use cases aiming to stimulate and capture travel demand of customer before going for commodity search of tickets
  • Development of a loyalty framework & concept tailored to typical kiwi.com users
  • A virtual airliner business model levering unique data and insight from search engine
  • Structuring of a unique cross-industry partnership framework, with initial negotiation support with global fintech player
Services provided:

digital household


We prepared a non-commodity digital strategy and design for a major utility provider, revolving around digital household proposition specific to the company needs and local market. We further helped the client to immediately start implementation steps of the project.

Throughout the E+ strategy project Aspiro performed the following:

  • Mapped household / energy trends applied to SVK specifics and their implications for VSE / innogy
  • Prepared the overarching household development concept towards sustainability and energy efficiency
  • Defined new user interaction formats with digital advisory elements
  • Designed the go to market strategy to exploit digital trends as well as incumbent sales channels
  • Provided the customer proposition for newly defined segments
Services provided:

'LEGO' bank

We developed a concept of a pocket money App for children as an engagement connector of LEGO’s values and assets. The concept revolves around empowering and educating children through LEGO currency (equivalent to FIAT currency) with strong gamification features and loyalty patterns.

  • Development of ebrick / brickcoin virtual currency concept to off-set dropping engagement and attention of kids to physical products
  • Created attractive ways for pocket-money management (e.g. Pay with LEGO figure concept) building on banking deregulation (PSD2)
  • Early age financial education with acquiring community around transparent and fun topic with parent-to-kid interaction and gamification
  • Re-directing spent of virtual currency towards Lego products
  • Go-to market ideas using existing distribution with new form factors
Services provided:

sponsorship and business activation


ESET joined forces with the iconic German club, finally bringing internet security to the fans and building awareness in key territories. We helped to shape the deal and exploit B2B opportunities in BVB partner network.

  • Identification & shortlist of suitable candidates for sponsorship activities considering ESET’s target audience
  • Facilitation of initial communication & negotiations
  • Development of possible way to leverage digital marketing assets
  • Cost/benefit simulations of proposed sponsorship structures
  • Development of final sponsorship framework and contracting
Services provided:

designing digital bank

Erste Bank Serbia

We re-designed the target operating model of Erste Bank Serbia to enable flexible, digital and customer-centric organization. Ultimately, we engaged people from across all divisions and levels of organization to implement the new design and supported the setup of governance.

  • Customer journey driven design from prospect management to customer retention
  • Defined key steps of customer interaction and business needs
  • Framed the bank’s digital ambitions including internal and external digitalization
  • Developed detailed areas of change (hot spots) in parallel and in the context of already running projects, architecture and dependencies
  • Helped to design business and IT architecture, including multiyear implementation roadmap
  • Supported mobilization phase and initial implementation steps
Services provided:

uberization of financial advisory

Design of full digital concept of financial advisory centered around customer with data driven insight and products using PSD2 de-regulation for a leading CEER financial advisory provider.

  • Shift of traditional advisory into digital channels with new monetization model
  • PSD2 enabled recurring products like “banking antivirus”
  • opening up new profile of tech savy advisors
  • reach out to market segments, which never talk to advisor
  • internal lead generation through centralized digital campaigns
Services provided: